Turning 30 – reflect, review, plan!

So I’ve just turned 30 – the dreaded age. I say dreaded, but really I need to use it as the perfect opportunity to look back on all the things I have achieved in the past decade. More importantly, I need to start thinking about goals for the next ten years – specifically where I want to travel.

Iceland is next. The northern lights. Bucket listesque. But it leaves plenty of time for last minute getaways and something that I’m not sure I did enough of in my twenties – exploring Great Britain.
When I returned from backpacking across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I wrote a list of everything I wanted to do when I returned. It may sound cliché, but those months were a turning point in my life and put everything in perspective. Top of my list – to explore my own country.
I have made some progress with this goal, but I know it is something I want to further. My husband is from Manchester and I sometimes find him telling me things about London that I never knew. Being born and raised in the capital, it’s shameful! So definitely one of my goals this decade is to be a better home-traveller. Is there a verb for that? Haveller? Homeller?
What is top of your destination bucket list?


What part of your home country are you dying to explore?

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